Atomium Escalator: Travelling through hyperspace in the Belgian tourist attraction

Brownsea Winter Wildlife Video

Brownsea Winter Wildlife: A winter-themed wildlife video for the National Trust

Dieweg Cemetery: A spooky detour

Musee Herege Tintin Statue

Museé Hergé Review: To be precise - a blisteringly brilliant museum

PanoRAMMa : A multiple image composite of the front of Exeter's Royal Albert Memorial Museum

Content Creation Services



If you're looking for a copywriter who can craft quality content that's original, unique, and has a sense of humour Mark is your wordsmith. Over the years he's written blogs and news stories for numerous online publications, created copy for a wide variety of different sites, and has even written children's poetry and e-books under the pen name Mark Megson.

Mark Jones Media Copywriting

When it comes to blogging and news stories most of his experience centres around technology, television, and social media but he's always ready for a challenge and enjoys researching and delving into new subjects.

Mark is also adaptable if your content requires a more serious or tactful touch, and is not afraid to tackle sensitive subjects.



In addition to writing Mark offers a photography service and has had his work used by the National Trust, Exeter City Council, Royal Albert Memorial Museum, UK charity Sense and leaders in the chocolate printing industry Choc Edge. You can also see his work on the photography website Sleeklens.

Mark Jones Media Photography



No stranger to video production Mark has filmed and edited a number of videos for the National Trust, including an ambitious musical montage involving staff and volunteers at seven different National Trust properties, and Choc Edge.


When given a chance Mark is always up for trying his hand at new creative projects and learning new skills. Among other things he's produced charmingly simple illustrations that have proved popular on a board game which is available for visitors to play at RAMM, and on his own children's poetry project Reading Juice.


Mark is a freelancer who specialises in creative copywriting and content creation. Starting out as a freelance blogger he's experienced at putting his copywriting skills to work on a variety of subjects and can easily turn his hand to different styles. In his years as a freelance writer he's always brought a creative edge to everything he's written. 

In addition to being a freelance copywriter and a hard-working wordsmith Mark has also forged other forms of content for the web and print working as a photographer, video editor and a general content creator on a freelance basis. 

Some Like it Sloth
Riding the Dartington Donkey
High Cross Piano

Based in Devon Mark lives within questing distance of the UK's Middle Earth aka Dartmoor. He likes his detectives hard-boiled, his eggs runny, and his time travel non-paradoxical.

These are the freelance content creation services available from Mark:

  • Freelance copywriting
  • Freelance blog creation
  • Freelance writing
  • Freelance photography
  • Freelance video editing

If you need a freelance writer, photographer, or video editor get in touch with Mark to find out how he can help:

Royal Albert Memorial Museum - Cloning Collections
Exeter City Council - Armed Forces Day
National Trust - South West Christmas Card 2013

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