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Museé Hergé Review: To be precise - a blisteringly brilliant museum


Apr 13, 2015
Out and About

Although the last time I watched LOST was in 2010 the show has left a deep imprint in my mind in a way only a few other shows (mainly Twin Peaks and The Simpsons) have. Its legacy in my brain includes seeing 'the numbers' everywhere and wanting to grab a stick of dynamite any time I see a mysterious looking hatch.

Recently though I came across a building worthy of the Dharma Initiative down at Berry Head in Brixham while on a coastal walk. It's actually a VOR/DME beacon used for air traffic control but looks like it belongs on the Island, especially with the addition of a few DI Logos...  



Apr 7, 2015
Out and About

Dartmoor's cairns may be the closest thing Devon has to the pyramids and while they're not as grand in terms of scale they at least come with great views. This is certainly true of the larger cairn on Cosdon hill, which according to one version of the Grey Wethers legend belongs to a prehistoric Belus-worshipper named Zorac. I hiked up there recently to pad out a trip to the Finch Foundry in Sticklepath.



In the legend Zorac's shears are stolen by a latter-day peasant to perform a ritual that will supposedly turn sheep fleece into gold (spoiler alert: it ended badly for tor-bound tomb raider).

It's always fun to check out the sites of Dartmoor legends and for me the slightly eerie atmosphere manifested itself in some black and white wide-angle photography. Even if you're not into moorland mumbo jumbo it's still worth the trip for the view and the stones over Zorac's bones make a great picnic spot.


Cosdon Hill Grid Reference:  SX636915 


Mar 31, 2015
Out and About

Earlier this year when I went to Brussels one of my missions was to find two artefacts that had inspired a couple of memorable items in Tintin lore. One was a carved wooden figure that became the Arumbyan Fetish in The Broken Ear...

Real-life Arumbyan Idol 


...the other was a Peruvian mummy that found fame as Rascar Capac in The Seven Crystal Balls.


Real-life Rascar Capac


Both are located in the same room of the Cinquantenaire Museum in Brussels, an impressive museum that houses a bit of everything from everywhere, and every period of history. There were several other objects in the Museum that inspired items in the Tintin adventures - it was clear that Hergé spent a lot of time there with his sketchpad.

According to the book Hergé and His Creation by Harry Thompson (with a 'p') at a 1979 exhibition of real artefacts from the Tintin books the idol was replaced with a fake for fear someone would try and steal it, recreating events in The Broken Ear. Sure enough someone stole the fake holding it to ransom for an appearance by Hergé at the scene of the crime. Though Hergé turned up at the time stated the thief was a no-show, and the whereabouts of the fake idol remain a mystery.

The Cinquantenaire Museum shouldn't remain a mystery to fans though and is well worth venturing outside the tourist hotspots of central Brussels for. 

Mar 14, 2015

Today's the 14th of the 3rd, or the 03/14, or more excitingly Pi Day - if you prefer your dates Americanised and your pi rounded to 2 decimal places. To celebrate I whipped up a cake in Inkscape, complete with 3.14 candles, help yourself to a slice!


Pi Day Cake 3.14 candles


Mathy Pi Day!


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