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Jul 25, 2013

Pictures from Old Books – Righting a Crashed Flying Machine

There are many reasons why old books are great. One is the smell, another is the feel and occasionally they’ll contain pictures that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. One of my favourites from a recent purchase, The Modern World Book of Flying (circa 1953), features advice on how to right a crashed flying machine.



Stout length of rope, sturdy volunteers, strong arms of the law… heave… got it. Advice to keep in mind when flying a Wright Brothers-style aircraft.

The book’s typical 1950s vision of space travel’s future (below) is also fun and there’s an interesting prediction by Dr. Werner Brown* that if “work began tomorrow on the construction of an inter-planetary programme, it would take at least ten years before man was in a position to launch the first passenger-carrying rockets”.



Sixty years later and we still haven't sent people to Mars, or any other planet, perhaps that’s because of the cost of said programme – a “conservative estimate” of £1,330,000,000.

And that’s in ‘50s money. According to the Historic Inflation Calculator that amounts to £31,442,264,000 today. Quite a lot considering NASA’s budget in 1958, the earliest one listed on Wikipedia (and then run through a currency converter), was just £319,350,827.83.


*Presumably the book means Dr. Wernher von Braun.


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