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Sep 15, 2013

The New Alphabet That Never Caught On

Interesting new font discoveries excite me more than they probably should. Recently idle thumbs leafing through a design book led me to discover a typeface from the ‘60s which aimed to reinvent those squiggles we make wordy things with. It’s an impractical collection of lines called New Alphabet but has earned itself a place on my list of favourite fonts that aren’t really suitable for everyday use. I’m a sucker for a san-serif and this one’s a science fictiony treat.



New Alphabet was created in 1967 by Dutch graphic designer Wim Crouwel with the aim to improve readability on early low-res computer displays. There’s no curves, just straight lines and 45 degree corners, and there's no upper case. Some of the letters are recognisable while others aren’t but they look good on a page. The overall effect is quite futuristic even now.

Deemed too experimental and unreadable, even by its author, the typeface never really caught on. However it’s interesting to see such a radical way of dealing with what is now an obsolete problem. Does make you wonder if the English alphabet is really as efficiently designed as it could be.


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