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Finding the Sweet Spot – How to Photograph Chocolate

Lightbulb Moments – Bright Ideas for Budget Lighting

Social Media

Twitter deals a card for lead generation

The rise of native advertising

Viners and the brands taking advantage of Vines


Technology (blog)  (daily news 2010 - 2013)

Video Games: Evil or Entertainment

eReaders: Is it time to dump the paperback?

How Porn Affects Tech

High Street Spy-tech


Video Games

Professor Layton, what happened to the Spectre's Flute?

NCIS: The Video Game review

A Day in the Studio with Jane Jensen

Bracken Tor preview

Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis review

Myst DS review



The X-Files Mythology Guide - Season 9

The X-Files Mythology Guide - Season 8

The X-FILES Mythology Guide - Season 7

The X-FILES Mythology Guide - Season 6

THE X-FILES Mythology Guide - Fight the Future

THE X-FILES Mythology Guide – Season 5

THE X-FILES Mythology Guide – Season 4

THE X-FILES Mythology Guide – Season 3

THE X-FILES Mythology Guide – Season 2

THE X-FILES Mythology Guide – Season 1

Carnivàle - 2.12 'New Canann, CA' Review

Carnivàle - 2.11 'Outside New Canann' Review

Carnivàle - 2.10 'Cheyenne, WY' Review

Carnivàle - 2.09 'Lincoln Highway, UT' Review

Carnivàle - 2.08 'Outskirts, Damascus, NE' Review

Carnivàle - 2.07 'Damascus, NE' Review

Carnivàle - 2.06 'The Road to Damascus' Review

Carnivàle - 2.05 'Creed, OK' Review

Carnivàle - 2.04 'Old Cherry Blossom Road' Review

Carnivàle - 2.03 'Ingram, TX' Review

Carnivàle - 2.02 'Almogordo, NM' Review

Carnivàle - 2.01 'Los Moscos' Review

Carnivàle - 1.12 'The Day That Was The Day' Review

Carnivàle - 1.11 'Day of the Dead' Review

Carnivàle - 1.10 'Hot and Bothered' Review

Joss Whedon: The Complete Companion - Book Review

Carnivàle - 1.09 'Insomnia' Review

Carnivàle - 1.08 'Lonnigan, Texas' Review

Carnivàle - 1.07 'The River' Review

Carnivàle - 1.06 'Pick a Number' Review

Carnivàle - 1.05 'Babylon' Review

Carnivàle - 1.04 'Black Blizzard' Review

Carnivàle - 1.03 'Tipton' Review

Carnivàle - 1.02 'After the Ball is Over' Review

Carnivàle - 1.01 'Milfay' Review

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - Movie Review

The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer - Book Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 29 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 28 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 27 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 26 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 25 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 24 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 23 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 22 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 21 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 20 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 19 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 18 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 17 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 16 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 15 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 14 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 13 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 12 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 11 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 10 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 9 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 8 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 7 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 6 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 5 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 4 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 3 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 2 Review

Twin Peaks - Episode 1 Review

Twin Peaks - Pilot Review


How Belgium won the space race, thanks to Tintin

Time Travel For Beginners

Future (daily news)


Classic Cars (with Loop Central)


Don't Walk on the Grass (as Mark Megson)

Banana Hair (as Mark Megson)

If Pigs Could Fly (as Mark Megson)

Squeezing the Tube (as Mark Megson)

Tap Dancer (as Mark Megson)

Website Copy

Vu Online - Copywriter

HomeLife Carers (for Optix Solutions)



Gerald the Giraffe's blog #113 - Royal Albert Memorial Museum Facebook Page Post


If you need someone experienced at freelance blogging, a freelance editor to fine tune your content, or more general freelance content marketing work get in touch with Mark today.


If you're looking for a copywriter who can craft quality content that's original, unique and has a sense of humour Mark is your wordsmith.

Over the years he's been a freelance blogger and freelance journalist for numerous online publications, a marketing writer, has created copy for a wide variety of different sites, and has even written children's poetry and e-books under the pen name Mark Megson.

When it comes to blogging and news stories most of his experience centres around technology, television and social media but he's always ready for a challenge and enjoys researching and delving into new subjects.

Mark is also adaptable if your content requires a more serious or tactful touch, and is not afraid to tackle sensitive subjects.

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High Cross Piano

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Royal Albert Memorial Museum - Cloning Collections
Exeter City Council - Armed Forces Day
National Trust - South West Christmas Card 2013

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