Freelance Creative Support for Small Businesses

Mark creates content using the Adobe Creative Suite, offering creative support for small businesses, startups, and not-for-profits with a range of freelance services.

Working in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro, he produces professional-looking and affordable content that’s perfect for social and the web. Contact Mark for a quote or to find out how he can help your business. His services include:


Developing his photography skills working with companies like the National Trust, and startups such as Choc Edge and Exeter City Futures, Mark has learned how valuable slick pics can be to small businesses, startups, and not-for-profits.


Mark has written a wide range of content based on practical freelance marketing, social media, and photography experience. He’s also written a lot about technology, science, and television.

Graphic Design and Illustration

In his experience working with startups and not-for-profits Mark has produced a wide range of digital and printed design work, in addition to responsive and search engine optimised websites using WordPress and other content management systems. Mark aims for graphics that look great on screens of all sizes and which stand out in a timeline.

Special Projects

Never afraid of a new challenge some of the projects Mark has experimented with over the years include a Children’s Poetry Site, a Green Screen Experience, and creating customised 3D-printed Roman coins. Mark enjoys the process of prototyping ideas to test their viability and also knows his way around CAD programmes like Blender to produce models for 3D printing.

Mark has also created videos for social, after filming sing-a-longs and squirrels (though not at the same time) for a National Trust e-advent calendar project. He has since produced videos on a freelance basis for the National Trust, and to help promote startups like Choc Edge.