As a freelance creative copywriter I have written content based on marketing, social media, and photography experience acquired while working for startups and small businesses like Choc Edge, Exeter City Futures and Exeter Velocities. I’ve also blogged about classic TV shows, video games, technology and popular science – in addition to writing website content for digital agencies.

Copywriting & Photography

As an experienced photographer I can also capture images to go with blogs and articles. This has been useful to websites like Sleeklens where original images were required to illustrate blogs on photographic techniques.


“Mark has brought creativity, fresh thinking and new ideas to Vu since his involvement with us, something we whole-heartedly value in our freelance and subcontract relationships. He was keen to embed himself into the team, and show a rare quality of listening to individuals, get a take on their quirky personalities, and integrate that into his writing.”

Dominic Cooper – Creative Director, Vu Online



The Boy Who Bounced to the Moon (as Mark Megson, with Aviva Gittle)

Photography Blogger

Finding the Sweet Spot – How to Photograph Chocolate

Lightbulb Moments – Bright Ideas for Budget Lighting

A Day on Dartmoor – Photographing the National Park

If you go Down to the Woods – Tips for Forest Photography

Taking Stock – Building up a Bank of Multi-purpose Photographs

Trick Photography – How to Create In-camera Magic

Focus on Fields of View – Visualising Focal Length

Technology Copywriter (daily news 2012 – 2014) (daily news 2010 – 2013)

Video Games Copywriter

Exploring Minecraft’s Potential for Inclusive Innovation – The Exeter 2025 Minecraft Challenge

NCIS: The Video Game review

A Day in the Studio with Jane Jensen

Bracken Tor preview

Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis review

Myst DS review

Science Copywriter

Energy Explainers: What is a Watt?

Energy Explainers: What is a Watt-hour?

Energy Explainers: What is 10TWh?

Energy Explainers: How Does Solar Power Work?

Energy Explainers: How Does Wind Power Work?

Energy Explainers: How Does Hydroelectric Power Work?

Energy Explainers: What is Bioenergy?

Energy Explainers: What is Marine Energy?

Creative Writing

Reading Juice (as Mark Megson)

Website & Creative Copywriter

Vu Online – In-house Copywriter (2014 – 2016)