With a background working with cutting edge 3D Food Printing companies such as Choc Edge and 3Desserts Graphiques Mark is now offering a freelance 3D Printing and bespoke 3D design service. Mark is able to produce 3D models ready for 3D printing and bespoke designs. 

3D Printing Projects

Choc Edge

Mark started doing freelance work for Choc Edge in 2014, initially to develop methods for creating 3D and 2D designs that could be printed in chocolate, whether that be text, logos or more complex shapes.

Over the following two years he also helped to define the parameters that are used for printing in chocolate to get the best and most reliable results possible.

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Get Minted

Get Minted was a test to see whether a personalised replica of a Roman coin could be created using 3D printing technology. The aim was to help raise money for the conservation of the Seaton Down Hoard in Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum. Although the test showed that creating personalised replicas as an incentive for donation wasn’t feasible Mark did succeed in developing a method for doing it and producing a realistic result. 

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