Good design goes hand in hand with great copy and over the years Mark has been able to hone his freelance design skills at startups such as Choc Edge and more recently Exeter City Futures.

In his experience working with startups has produced a wide range of digital and printed design work, in addition to responsive and search engine optimised websites using WordPress and other content management systems.

Inspired by John Tenniel’s drawings for the Alice books Mark aims for graphics that perfectly compliment the writing around them.

Freelance Design & Illustration

Documents & Reports

Exeter City Futures – Have Your Say: Key insights from public engagement in 2016

Building Our Industrial Strategy – Exeter City Futures Response

Exeter Velocities – Demo Day One Brochure

Exeter Velocities – Demo Day Two Brochure

Exeter Velocities – Demo Day Three Brochure


Exeter Velocities

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