As part of my work with Exeter City Futures it has been my responsibility to adopt the role of branding designer – designing and developing the branding and online presence for Exeter Velocities, when the website for its fully-fledged impact accelerator which was launched after a successful year-long pilot. 

Starting with guidance from an external consultant I developed a visual style for the Exeter Velocities brand, producing graphics in illustrator that were inspired by Exeter but which also encompassed the sustainable values of the project and its diverse team. 

Initially I produced a series of illustrated banners to convey a sense of what the accelerator programme was like. These were placeholders for photographs which would later depict the programme’s cohorts in action once it was bedded in. I also produced an animated home page (inspired by a famous 3D shot in Yellow Submarine), making sure the site incorporated lots of movement to reflect the excitement and dynamism of the accelerator programme.

As a freelance branding designer I realise how effective it can be to understand all aspects of the website creation process, from design to development and launch, to get the most out of a project’s visual identity.


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