In 2017 Simply Connect were part of the Exeter Velocities accelerator pilot programme. Mark was able to help by creating their branding and brand guidelines, at the heart of which was their logo design, and developed their website on a freelance basis.



The Simply Connect logo design came from the the idea that their vehicles are like a swan – where all the complicated work happens below water (or in a computer) and all observers see is the smoothly gliding bird (or bus) on the water’s (road’s) surface.

For the logo design Mark used their previous logo as a starting point but was inspired by the analogy of a swan they used when pitching their idea. 

The previous logo featured the company’s initials, an idea which was subtly worked into the new logo with the S and C shapes forming the swan’s body – a location marker was used for the swans beak to convey the idea that this was a service for getting people to a destination. It also allowed for the use of a stronger colour to compliment the green background. 

The logo design needed to work at a small size as an icon on a smartphone screen, but also at a larger scale on the side of a bus.

Mark also developed a basic HTML website template for Simply Connect to inform future web design work.