Freelance Photographer

Mark is a freelance photographer based in the South West who knows that compelling storytelling and quality photography is the secret sauce for an engaging website and social media success. He has developed his photography skills working with companies like the National Trust, and startups such as Choc Edge and Exeter City Futures, learning how valuable slick pics can be to small businesses and not-for-profits.

He believes a picture that perfectly captures a moment is better than the perfect picture that doesn’t.  


Mark likes being a fly on the wall and taking natural-looking shots of people – no awkward poses, just lots of natural light and relaxed expressions.


Taking photographs of places that are more than just postcard shots can be a challenge. Using a range of techniques and a wide angle lens Mark likes to find ways to make the familiar unfamiliar and the picturesque exciting and new.

Commercial Photography

Getting the perfect pictures of your products is a sure-fire way to boost sales. Mark accumulated plenty of experience photographing chocolate products while working at Choc Edge, a very temperamental material to work with.

Events & Social Photography

Mark is no stranger to taking pictures at events (and knows what it feels like on the other side of the trade show booth) and aims to capture shots that sum up what it was like to be there.

Editorial Photography

Sometimes Mark has needed an image for a blog to demonstrate a photography technique he’s written about or illustrate an abstract concept – and free stock photography hasn’t cut it. Here are some pictures Mark took while writing for Sleeklens, creating his own effects in-camera.

If you need some video made on a budget for social or the web, but still want a pro look, Mark also has experience filming and editing short videos. Find out more about this service by clicking the link below.

Social Video