Freelance Photographer capturing people, places, events, commercial and editorial photography for small businesses, startups, and not-for-profits. Professional photos captured for social, web, and print.

Mark has developed his skills as a freelance photographer working with companies like the National Trust, and startups such as Choc Edge and Exeter City Futures. He has supported small businesses and not-for-profits by producing a bank of quality images to populate their social media feeds and websites, and support their content marketing activities. 


Natural-looking shots of people with no awkward poses, just lots of light and relaxed expressions.


Pictures that sell a place more than traditional postcard-style photos. Bright images using a wide-angle lens, with lots of movement.

E-Commerce and Commercial Photography

Boost sales with perfect pictures of your products, whether you’re selling on Ebay, Etsy or anything inbetween.

Events & Social Photography

Shots that sum up what it was like to be there.

Editorial Photography

Images for blogs and articles to illustrate a story or explain an abstract concept. Here are some pictures Mark took while writing for Sleeklens, creating his own effects in-camera.


If you need some video made on a budget for social or the web Mark also has experience filming and editing short videos. Find out more about this service by clicking the link below.

Social Media Video