In addition to photography Mark offers a freelance videography service to capture moving images as well a stationary ones. If a picture is worth a thousand words than a video is worth a lot more, if you do the math* (for example the original theatrical release of Star Wars is worth 174,240,000 words). Basically a video can say a lot, even without high production values.

Mark first got into video during an internship with the National Trust where he filmed sing-a-longs and squirrels (though not at the same time) for an e-advent calendar project.

Mark specialises in videos that are perfect for social and don’t cost a bomb – even shaky smartphone footage can look professional with a bit of branding and careful editing. And he also knows how to do a lot with a DSLR and a few good lenses.



*The Math
Stars Wars Original Theatrical Edition Run Time: 121m
FPS: 24
How Many Words Star Wars is Worth: (121*60*24)*1000 = 174,240,000