I recently visited the Royal Navy’s Submarine Museum in Gosport (opposite Portsmouth) to gather inspiration for Green Screen Submarine, a new project I’m working on, and also because I’ve always wanted to go on a submarine and don’t really want to join the Navy.

The key exhibit of the museum is preserved WW2 era sub the HMS Alliance – a mix of Edwardian steam punk and 1950s retro tech. Although the lighting would probably have been ok for a slower wide angle lens I kept my 35mm attached to capture all the neat details on the equipment inside the sub. The highlight of the Alliance was deffo the control room with its periscopes, dials, and red emergency lighting.

Despite being such a confined space I found more to interest me in the Alliance than I did in Portsmouth’s historic dockyard which I the visited next day. Probably because there wasn’t much that gave away you were in a tourist attraction – aside from some wax food and a few props it was an authentic experience helped by excellent guides who had great stories from serving in similar subs.

The pictures will be used in some form to add a touch of submarinal authenticity and inspire some fun quirky details on greenscreensubmarine.co.uk.

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