Tintagel Castle may be the birthplace of King Arthur in legend only but the dramatic ruin, and surrounding area, continues to embrace the myth. Despite the tackier aspects of Cornwall’s Camelot connection I was eager to revisit the castle and see the bronze statue of Arthur installed in 2016, which now stands on the edge of a cliff at the top of the site.

Statues made to commemorate local heroes aren’t usually that impressive but this one was different. It has been cast in a ghostly half there half not way, which combined with its position creates a uniquely atmospheric experience – in high winds it felt like an epic trial to cross the rocky surface to stand before the king.

King Arthur Statue Tintagel

Many call Disneyfication on Tintagel but for me the statue made the experience more memorable, and worthwhile in torrential rain. Maybe not helping the Disneyfication claims the statue also looked a little like Luke Skywalker, and the castle could easily have been a location from The Force Awakens.

Awe-inspiring more than thought-provoking it was definitely an epic photo-op and worth the trip. Check out English Heritage for more information on visiting, and if you’re driving keep going past the first car park to find cheaper ones in the village.

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