This cloud-shaped money bank is designed to be a novelty way of storing spare change, and started as a sort of visual pun on the song “Pennies from Heaven”. Rather than having a stopper on the bottom the cloud-shaped money bank has to be shaken to release its contents.

Pennies from Heaven 3D Printed Money Bank

I modelled two versions of the bank – one which is a more realistic cloud shape modelled in Blender and the other an extrusion of a very simple graphic-style cloud created in Adobe Illustrator. I opted to 3D print the simpler version, and just the bottom at first to test the shaking action and determine the optimal number of exit coin slots.

Pennies from Heaven 3D Printed Money Bank

In the end it turned out that three was the magic number with a trio of slots holding the coins in when stationary and allowing them to be released when shaken. I 3D printed the money bank in translucent PLA which adds to its cloudiness and shows the level of the coins within.

Pennies from Heaven 3D Printed Money Bank

The only thing I’d change if revisiting the cloud-shaped money bank is the solid design, instead creating two halves of the model which could be joined together. This would allow some padding to be inserted into the bank as it turns out shaking pennies inside a PLA container creates quite a loud noise!

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