Prototoyz is an e-commerce project selling 3D-printed toys, gifts, and games – started with a focus on designing items that would be the most useful in day-to-day life, and also the most fun.

Prototoyz’ range of desk-scale objects are designed to solve a problem, be fun to use, or replicate an existing object in the medium of 3D Printing. Whether it’s a 3D-printed headphone tidy or a hook to hang your headphones on Prototoyz has something for every pocket and every desk.

With Prototoyz Mark combined his passion for 3D printing with photography and copywriting to setup an Etsy store where he could sell objects initially designed to fulfill a need that wasn’t being met by existing products. The things sold in the store are designed to be prototypical in nature, embracing the strengths of 3D printing and selling the unique qualities of this modern manufacturing process as a feature rather than a bug.

Products have been designed with efficiency of printing in mind, and with as little need for any post-print finishing as possible. With a focus on attractive designs Mark aims for products that are sellable straight off the printbed.

To find out more about this e-commerce project and products available visit the Prototoyz Etsy store.


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