I initially started doing freelance work for Choc Edge to develop methods for creating 3D and 2D designs that could be printed in chocolate, whether that be text, logos or more complex shapes. However, my role expanded over time to include various aspects of marketing and research & development.

Working closely with Choc Edge’s team of engineers I was able to push forward what it’s possible to print with the Choc Creator, introducing several innovations that helped to extend the range of services the company was able to offer customers. This included reliable and true 3D printing in chocolate, for models such as scanned 3D heads.

In addition to this I also built the Choc Edge website, including the creation of all of its content, and managed Choc Edge’s social media channels.

Other elements of my role involved the organisation of important promotional videos such as Nokia’s #Chokia social media campaign where I worked with the company to produce a video for Easter demonstrating 3D printing in chocolate. I also gave talks on Chocolate Printing, including a presentation for families at the Cambridge Science Centre and was featured in Elemental Ideas – Best of the Science Festival for Cambridge TV