Mark’s experience in web design dates back to when he was a given a book on HTML. He sat down with the book, a computer running Windows 98, opened Notepad and made his first website.

Mark realised how useful a knowledge of web-design and development could be as he started to publish his first blogs online. Mark bought some cheap web space and began tinkering again, experimenting with self-publishing other kinds of content.

Reading Juice was the result. Over time it evolved into a website of Children’s Poetry, published under the name Mark Megson. It was an opportunity to experiment with creative writing and illustration as well as create fun, shareable content with a highly targeted audience.

Reading Juice - Dessert Island Illustration


Some short stories that were once published on the site caught the attention of American children’s book publisher Aviva Gittle, which resulted in Mark and Aviva co-writing the book The Boy Who Bounced to the Moon.


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